• What is Day Trading?
    Category: Blog, Trading Tips
    Day trading consists of buying and selling the same securities within one day. It’s not investing, per se, but capitalizing on the price movements found within a 24-hour period and making money that way. What readmore
  • Beginner Day Trading Strategies
    Category: Blog, Trading Tips
    Getting started in day trading requires several essentials. Novice day traders require the right platform and software to begin their trading. Before they even get to that point, however, they must learn and develop strategies readmore
  • How to Profit from Day Trading
    Category: Blog, Trading Tips
      Profit is the whole idea behind day trading. Making a profit from day trading requires knowledge and strategy. SureTrader can help you acquire both of these necessities. All successful trading relies on buying low readmore
  • What to Look for in a Day Trader Account
    Category: Blog
      Successful day trading depends on strategy, research and the right day trader account. Without the latter, it doesn’t matter how skilled you are at the first two elements. Ordinary brokerage firms are not designed readmore
  • How to Utilize our 10,000+ Shortlist
    Category: Blog
        SureTrader offers one of the largest shortlists available from any brokerage – more than 10,000 shortlist stocks. The platform was designed with the short seller in mind. Our SureTrader Active Online Trading program readmore
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